Terms of Service
  1. Returns, Refunds & Fees:
    Pohle NV Center is a licensed and bonded Arizona Department of Transportation New Car Dealer for EZGO and Cushman brands.

    We want you to be delighted and telling all your friends about us. We’ll do everything we can to make that happen, just like we have done since 1983, and so far so good!

    Please understand that we cannot accept returns or exchanges on electronic items. For other items, returns will be charged 3.5% of total as that is the credit card processing fee we are charged during credit card purchases. Those processing fees are not refunded to us so they are not refunded to you.

    Remember: Arizona does NOT have a “cooling off” period or three-day right to cancel a car sale. Please visit our Arizona Attorney General pages at https://www.azag.gov/consumer/auto for further info.

    Thank you for visiting!