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Lead-Acid Battery Replacement
Picture of Battery Service
We can run instrumented diagnostics on your battery pack to test system voltage and sustained-load cycle times. If you do need new batteries, we can help. Our Full Service Battery Replacement includes removing the old batteries and cables, a full pressure wash of the battery bay, and application of anti-acid solvents to eradicate the remaining acids in your car. We will then clean and dry the bay and repaint any lightly corroded metal frames or straps. Replacement parts are available as needed. We’ll then install top-of-the line US Battery or Trojan deep-cycle batteries, with full 1 or 2-year warranties. We’ll top off the service with tough new cables and a clean anti-corrosion coating on all terminals. Nobody does a better battery service than a Pohle EZGO Cushman™.
Service and Lube
Picture of Lube and Service
We cover Appearance and Comfort items, the complete Electrical System, Steering and Suspension, Brakes, Batteries, Tires and numerous Miscellaneous items. We’ll even Wash and Detail your car before our final Road Test and Completion Signoff!
Front Wheel Alignment
Picture of Front Wheel Alignment
We’ll have you tracking straight down the road again in no time. If you do need new tires, we can help there too- We have new, stock-sized replacements, fancy new up-sized wheels and tires, and we keep a wide range of good, used take-off wheels and tires on hand, too.
Suspension and Brakes
Picture of Suspension Systems
In the front you’ll find dual wishbone, upper and lower control arms, coilovers spring and shocks, or MacPherson strut assemblies. In the rear you’ll see a single curved leaf spring and shackle, or a stacked leaf pack, just like on your pick-up truck. Incidentally, when we install a rear-seat kit, we don’t stop there: We also install a heavy duty leaf spring kit to handle the increased loads and maintain proper ride angles. Just part of the process. We love what we do, and it shows!
Complete Electrical Overhaul
Picture of Electrical Overhaul
When the electrical gremlins are visiting, we will diagnose the specific issues your car is having, and quickly replace the failed parts to get you back on the road and the links. Sometimes a complete electrical overhaul is necessary, so we stock entire factory wiring harnesses too. Incidentally, we don’t run 12V components like lights, turn signals or horns off a single 12V battery as this causes load imbalances and shortens battery pack life. We use proper 36 or 48V to 12V DC-DC step-down converters to ensure longest battery pack life and superior electrical performance for the life of your car.
Gas & Diesel Engine Service
Picture of Engine Swap
Engine cranking but won’t fire? Does your car have less get-up-and-go than it used to? Does it just go “click” when you key on? Our trained, certified and experienced Techs are ready to help. We offer full tune-ups to full overhauls, carburetor adjustments to complete engine swaps. We service Gas and Diesel engines!
Charger Repair and Loaners
Picture of Battery Chargers
For your electrically-powered vehicles, we keep a stock of new, and gently used, automatic chargers for current and older cars on hand. We also diagnose and repair chargers. If your batteries are fully drained, preventing your automatic charger from operating, we also have booster chargers available for short-term loan to get you up and running again. Give us a call!
Custom Fabrication
Picture of Custom Fabrication
The sky’s the limit. Whether you need unique weldments, castings, forgings or stampings; Custom tops, suspensions, axle trusses or roll cages; Special applications like food preparation, RVs, agricultural or racing- We can help. Call today and let’s discuss your special application. We’ve always wanted to put in a twin-turbo V6…. Sun City Store – Andrew or Colin.